Why a Personal Historian?

personal-historyI take history very personally. Maybe the subject never appealed to you—or maybe, you just couldn’t see the relevance of any of it to you, or you to it. But, I believe, like it or not, that we are part of history—as surely as we breathe air, we are part of this grand adventure.

And yet, you are just one person in a population of millions—what can you say about ‘history’ ? Your life experience is like everyone else’s, right? Wrong. And that’s my point. Your uniqueness, your singularity—THAT’S where your story resides!

A Personal Historian Tells Your Story

That’s why I use the word “Personal” in my job title. I’m a Personal Historian because I want to focus my work on your story—remembering and preserving, with spoken word and video, the multiple facets of your life that shaped the person you are today.

History just doesn’t happen ‘out there’, somewhere out beyond the horizon. History happens all around us. Like a big river, history just keeps on rolling, and your life is just one drop in the torrent of time—I want to help you make that drop shine in the sunlight— I want to help you tell your story.