Thoughts About Ethical Wills

ethicalwillsBeginning my work in the field of personal history has already led to some interesting revelations for me. I’ve always felt comfortable talking with people, and I pride myself in being a good listener—really, the art of knowing when to talk, and when not to. But beyond the oral history interview facet of You The Storyteller, I find myself increasingly interested in the Ethical Will aspect of my work as a Personal Historian, and I think I know why.

My Personal Feelings About Ethical Wills

I recently celebrated a birthday, which of course means, I’m getting older. I too feel I have a good story to tell—a history I want remembered—memories I want to preserve. But, the more I read about Ethical Wills, I see how important it is to not only get the facts, stories and dates on record, but to also convey to all interested, one’s thoughts and hopes, and yes, even one’s feelings.

Ideally, as we grow in age, we all, whether we like it or not, gain some level of wisdom and knowledge. Ideally. An Ethical Will seems to me to be the perfect tool to pass on to others just what we’ve have learned — what in our heart we know to be true.