Right Time For A Personal History Interview

ethicalwillsAs I’ve been in the process of getting my venture, ‘You,The Storyteller, up and running, I’ve been thinking about just who my target audience is. What a personal history interview will mean to them.  Obviously, my thoughts turn more often than not to what I like to call “veteran human beings”—people who have been around for awhile. They have, literally, a life time of memories and stories to grab onto, and seem to be my natural constituency.

Do A Personal History Interview Now

However, I’ve come to realize that Personal history should not be limited to just an individual’s later years. I see my nieces with their families and I recognize the opportunity to get their story NOW! Though young, I’m sure they recognize that they, and their kids, will not be their age forever—they will grow, change, and hopefully continue to blossom. I also know that when young, one believes (as I did) they will remember all the good stories and events that occur as life goes on, they’ll always be able to recall the who’s and where’s of any particular incident—how they felt when the meet their spouse, or the emotions in the birth of a child, etc.

I know from personal experience, however, that to remember all the wonderful nuances of life is just about impossible. And because of that, those thoughts and emotions are lost, forever.

That’s why I promote a personal history interview for just about anybody, any age—get your stories and thoughts down now—life IS about change, AND, adjusting to change. I can tell you from personal experience that to preserve your changes in spoken word is really one of the best gifts to give yourself—the gift of remembrance.