My First Oral History Interview

ethicalwillsOver the course of the past three weeks, I have sat down with my neighbor, Lorraine, to interview her for You,The Storyteller. Lorraine proved herself to be an excellent first subject for an oral history interview— enthusiastic, well spoken and eyes bright as she spoke of her life, beginning in Kentucky in 1921 to the present here in our hometown of Cambria, CA.

Lorraine and I sat down together for three separate interviews—I know it may not always be as easy to conduct more than one interview with an individual (in this case it was very simple—Lorraine is my neighbor—literally ‘next door’ neighbor), but it gave me the opportunity to review Lorraine’s video, and from it, gather information for follow up questions.

Oral History Interview Tells Your Story

Lorraine has wonderful memories (and some sad ones, too) and she shared them with me in a straightforward, honest way—she was the perfect combination: interesting AND interested, and I am honored to have come along at the right time to talk with Lorraine. What a privilege.

Bottom line— I was very pleased with the my first oral history interview for You, The Storyteller. It was a learning process on several different levels, but, most importantly, it once again confirmed for me that it really IS all about the stories.