Momentum Gained

Hello all–boy, “things” are gaining momentum! One interview for next week–three probables in the wings. Just chatting with prospective clients I am told AMAZING stories–ones that just send that shiver of excitement up my spine and straight to my brain! One man told me of working for a well known Mafia guy when he grew up in NY. Shaking hands with Babe Ruth…NOT shaking hands with Werner Von Braun, etc. History and, name dropping BIG names from history–I find it thrilling, and to get the stories recorded and preserved, incredibly fulfilling. THAT’S why I’m doing this! And, again…why not you? Give me a call.

Busy Bein’ Born

Regards from—it’s been a few weeks since I’ve dropped a line to you—“catching up” is always interesting because it does promote a certain amount of introspection about where one is in regards to the “process”—in this case, my business, youthestoryteller.
One thing for sure—I’ve learned something from every single interview I’ve conducted—whether it be technical issues concerning my equipment or hearing the shared memories from one of my clients, it has been truly, an education. I love that.
An unexpected part of my work is conveying to people that contrary to what they may think, they indeed do have an interesting life. If only for the fact that like you and I, they all have lived through an amazing time. As a personal historian, I’m looking to ask questions about an individual’s life—their personal thoughts and feelings. Those personal impressions are certainly a big part of what I seek to bring out in my interviews.
But, along with that, I like to talk to my clients about their impressions concerning what Henry Luce of TIME referred to as “The American Century”—the 20th century. From the Depression, World War 2, Elvis, Viet Nam, man on the moon,The Beatles to…well, I could go on and on. But, it certainly has been a time! Arguably, we have witnessed the apex of the American Dream, and are now witnessing everything that comes after. I would be remiss if I did not ask clients their impressions of these fascinating times we’ve lived through, and, as they tell their individual tales about their/our times, those tales often beautifully illustrate just how connected we all are to each other—how strongly the personal is linked to the universal, how recognition of one’s connection to the world is so wonderfully confirmed by the simple telling of tales.
Last thought. I approached an older man I know and asked him if he had had an interesting life. “Oh, yes,” he said, if only because when I was 12 years years old, I stood outside my house and watched the Japanese fighter planes fly over my house heading for Pearl Harbor.” They were so close, he added, that I could see they pilots faces!” Well…I about fell out of my chair! THAT’S the stuff I’m after! History is not an out of body experience. We ALL live it!