Personal History Interview Video

interview videoThe importance of recording your Personal History  by way of an interview video can not be understated. The interview video provides a real time and present moment that your story can be revealed and recorded.  At Personal Historian For You, we use this technique to save the precious moments about your life that are discussed and then can be saved for future generations to come.

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Right Time For A Personal History Interview

ethicalwillsAs I’ve been in the process of getting my venture, ‘You,The Storyteller, up and running, I’ve been thinking about just who my target audience is. What a personal history interview will mean to them.  Obviously, my thoughts turn more often than not to what I like to call “veteran human beings”—people who have been around for awhile. They have, literally, a life time of memories and stories to grab onto, and seem to be my natural constituency.

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My First Oral History Interview

ethicalwillsOver the course of the past three weeks, I have sat down with my neighbor, Lorraine, to interview her for You,The Storyteller. Lorraine proved herself to be an excellent first subject for an oral history interview— enthusiastic, well spoken and eyes bright as she spoke of her life, beginning in Kentucky in 1921 to the present here in our hometown of Cambria, CA.

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Thoughts About Ethical Wills

ethicalwillsBeginning my work in the field of personal history has already led to some interesting revelations for me. I’ve always felt comfortable talking with people, and I pride myself in being a good listener—really, the art of knowing when to talk, and when not to. But beyond the oral history interview facet of You The Storyteller, I find myself increasingly interested in the Ethical Will aspect of my work as a Personal Historian, and I think I know why.

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